Irina Alexander

Outreach Counselor
(415) 487-0691 x114
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Irina joined ATC in 2012, after making the big trek from Washington, DC to San Francisco. Irina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology & Criminal Justice. When she’s not at ATC, she’s either planning her costume for next year’s Burning Man or participating in group meditations. She loves Yoga and unicorns, and, even better, unicorns doing yoga. We don’t know why it took her so long to move to California. She was born to live here.

Onyinye Alheri

Outreach Counselor
(415) 487-0691 x116
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Onyinye joined ATC in 2015 and is grateful for the opportunity to serve San Francisco’s most disenfranchised youth on their own terms. She is impressively calm and collected – something we learned one day when she was unfazed by the news that there was a fire in her apartment. Onyinye can definitely roll with the punches and is the ultimate team player, which makes ATC lucky to have her. Her interests include metaphysics, blues music, classic cars, and lying on a beach doing absolutely nothing.

Nora Brereton

Associate Director
(415) 487-0691 x106
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Nora joined ATC as our Associate Director in 2014. She loves spending hours working on a good jigsaw puzzle and has recently become obsessed with French music (Stromae, Christine and the Queens). At her former job she dug around in the dirt with youth in the Western Addition at the environmental education non-profit CommunityGrows. She has successfully charmed her way onto the ATC team by wearing the wackiest sweaters that thrift store money can buy!

Alison Dagenais

Development Coordinator
(415) 487-0691 x109
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Alison Dagenais can’t get rid of ATC. She first joined ATC in 2010 as an AmeriCorps VISTA, came back as a consultant in 2013 to help us with our events, and then came back again in 2014 as our Development Coordinator. She hails from Kansas City (home of the 2015 World Series Champion Royals) and graduated from Grinnell College, majoring in Anthropology and French (two of the most practical majors you can find). Her hobbies include bragging about her adorable nephew, reminding everyone that the Royals won the World Series, and traveling with her family.

Gemma Datuin

Administrative Assistant
(415) 487-0691 x104
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Gemma was born and raised on the tiny island of Guam, and has dreamed of living in San Francisco for years. She finally moved to the city in 2015, and joined the ATC staff as our Administrative Coordinator in May. Outside of ATC, Gemma enjoys spending Saturday mornings at the Ferry Building Farmers Market, and on most weekends you can find her playing the cajon and singing with friends. She’s excited to be able to call the Bay Area her new home and to be a part of the ATC family!

Megan Emme

Events & Donor Relations Coordinator
(415) 487-0691 x102
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Megan became our Events & Donor Relations Coordinator in July 2014 after graduating from San Francisco State University with a degree in Urban Studies and Planning. While in school, she volunteered for a youth crisis line, organized around public higher education, and worked for a variety of nonprofits. Megan grew up in the heat of Sacramento, so she’s grateful to now live under a blanket of fog. Megan enjoys long walks in Golden Gate Park, analyzing Saturday Night Live more than anyone should, and nerding out over all things history.

Anna Fai

Outreach Counselor
(415) 487-0691 x108
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Anna joined ATC as an Outreach Counselors in 2011. As a San Francisco native, she is excited to do youth outreach in her home city. When she’s not shopping or reading Gardening For Dummies, Anna loves to travel. From what we’ve heard, she’s a skilled Rugby player, so don’t touch her Thai food or candy unless you’re ready for some trouble. Above all, she is committed to community development, and completely stoked to be part of our team!

Shawn Garety

Program Director
(415) 487-0691 x105
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Shawn is one of ATC’s most experienced and dedicated staff members. She first joined ATC in 2004 as an Outreach Counselor, became our Program Manager three and a half years later, and has now stepped into the Program Director role. Shawn has had a huge impact on shaping and strengthening our organization – and not just because she’s constantly decorating our office with various treasures she has found buried in her garage. A lifelong San Franciscan, Shawn can tell you all about what the city was like “back in the day.” In her (rare) free time, you can bet she’s cheering on the Giants or the Niners.

Rob Gitin

Executive Director & Co-Founder
(415) 487-0691 x101
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As Executive Director and Co-Founder of At The Crossroads, Rob has been with ATC since its inception in 1997. He’s got the gray hairs to prove it! Rob’s passion for working with underserved youth and leadership in the field earned him the GQ Leader Award in 2012. At the awards celebration, he got to rub elbows with celebrities like Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan, and Ted Danson. If you’ve got approximately three hours to hear the stories, ask him about it sometime! When he’s not working, you can find Rob at Starbucks, the Ferry Building Farmers Market, hanging with his family, or hiking in the Headlands.

Joey Hess

Program Manager
(415) 487-0691 x107
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Joey joined ATC as an Outreach Counselor in 2011, and became our Program Manager in 2015. He is a southern gentleman from North Carolina who loves southern cooking, music, and dressing up like Elvis for Halloween. His sense of style, humor, and facial hair are impeccable. Living in San Francisco has always been a dream of his, and he is super excited to work for an organization like ATC.

Olivia Horan

Outreach Counselor
(415) 487-0691 x113
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Olivia joined the our staff in November of 2015. She originally hails from the Philadelphia area, but made her way westward to CA in 2012. Since then she has been soaking up the Bay Area life—eating burritos, climbing on rocks, coordinating a needle exchange, petting all of the dogs, and running by pretty things. She is ridiculously excited to be a part of the ATC team.

Demaree Miller

Outreach Counselor
(415) 487-0691 x112
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Demaree became ATC’s newest Outreach Counselor in July 2015. He has spent the past five years working with underserved youth and low-income families. He joined ATC because of the opportunity to work with and directly serve youth who normally don’t have access to much-needed resources. He enjoys music, writing, and basketball, and has a horrible sense of humor.


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