Donate Your Leftover Halloween Candy to ATC


At The Crossroads wants your Halloween candy! Donate your extra sweets to us, and save yourself (and your kids) from a sugar overdose. We put candy to use by making candy packs that we hand out to our clients during nighttime street outreach.

If you are a parent or teacher and you want to make a really big impact, set up a collection bin at your school and tell your fellow parents to bring in their leftover candy! Last year, Miraloma, CDS, SF Friends School, and The Marin School collected 1,000 pounds of treats!

Bring your candy donations to our office (333 Valencia Street, Suite 320) any day after Halloween. We’re usually here Monday-Friday, from about 9am-7pm. If you collect a lot and can’t drop it off, let us know and we’ll pick it up from you!

We like to give our clients treats, and they deeply appreciate it. It’s one of the things that differentiates us. We give our clients plenty of healthy options, but we also want them to have fun things that make them happy. And who doesn’t love candy? Offering candy on outreach makes us relatable, and helps us form connections with young people. These connections grow into trust, and only at that point do young people let us in and allow us to help them move forward in their lives. And don’t worry; we hand out toothbrushes and toothpaste, too!

Please spread the word by sharing our Facebook event page with your communities.

If you have any questions, please email Megan at

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