Announcing ATC’s Clothing Program for Homeless Youth

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For more than a decade, providing our youth with great new clothing has been a critical part of our work. We recently lost our primary clothing donor, and are in tremendous need of new clothing partnerships to keep our clients looking and feeling great! We’re excited to be launching a new clothing program, in which we will partner with a variety of clothing retailers and distributors to ensure that our clients have the best options possible.

We are looking for anything from large, consistent donations to sporadic seasonal donations of a couple of boxes from local stores.

Do you, or anyone you know, have a connection to a clothing manufacturer, distributor, or retailer? Can you help introduce us? Think of big companies like Gap, Uniqlo, Urban Outfitters, and Target, and also think of smaller, local clothing companies, stores, merchandisers, and distributors. This could be a friend who works at a large clothing retailer, or a relationship you have with your favorite local boutique.

The impact that new clothing has on our youth is extraordinary. Besides fulfilling a material need, it enables our clients to have options and choose how they’d like to present themselves. It gives our clients dignity and allows them to express their identity.It gives them confidence, and allows them to have a sense of choice. And it serves as a vehicle for building trust between ATC and our youth.

If you have someone or somewhere to connect us to, please email Megan Emme at By emailing us, you’re simply letting us know you’re interested, with no pressure involved! We’ll make it easy for you to help out.

Our Clothing Wishlist
Everything. Seriously. Our clients are thrilled to get just about any new clothing. Fancy, casual, hip-hop, punk, colorful, simple…you get the idea. However, some of the hottest ticket items are:
-Children’s clothing (many of our clients are parents)

By connecting us with new clothing opportunities, you will be helping add something special to the lives of thousands of our youth, bringing them joy, confidence, and a sense of normalcy. We would be eternally grateful for your support!

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