We Think Mark Can

Support Mark's 525-mile bicycle ride from SF to Los Angeles while helping homeless youth

Mark Dwight
Long-time supporter, 9 years

Support Mark's Campaign!


The total I've raised pays for:
  • 15 years of support
  • and 1 housing assistance
  • and 1 school application


Juliet Hoffman, Friend$250San Francisco, CA12/13/2011
May your path be clear, your body strong, the road safe, the weather fair, and the wind be at your back. You rock boyfriend!
nancy spector, Friend$100san francisco, CA01/09/2012
hope you have another great ride!
Jim Phillips, Friend$100Livermore, CA01/10/2012
Be safe and have fun Mark!
Joseph Montana, Work with Mark$20San Francisco, CA01/19/2012
Good luck Mark. We'll be cheering you on from Rickshaw HQ!
Kati Jackson, Friend$20San Francisco, CA01/20/2012
GO Mark Go!!! have a safe ride, and have fun at TED!
Kent Barnes, Friend$53san francisco, CA01/20/2012
I wish I could donate $1 a mile, but $.10 a mile is my best offer. Mark is an inspiration by his perspiration! I wish him a sunny ride with the wind at his back. I also wish to challenge others to do $ x 525 mile, that way you will see daily, your monies paving the way to LA! Best wishes Mark, be safe out there, we will be watching....
Christine Osorio, Friend$20San Francisco, CA01/20/2012
Looking forward to the send off!!
Paul Montana, Friend of Rickshaw$25Stratham, NH01/20/2012
We wish you the best in making your goal and on the ride, from Joe's Mom & Dad
Maureen Futtner, Friend$20San Francisco, CA01/20/2012
Look forward to following the ride on video! Good luck.
Ching-Lun Jwo, Friend$200Taipei, Taiwan01/21/2012
Dear Mark, You are my idol. Enjoy riding and safe trip. Charles Jwo
Dr. Jude Rathburn, Friend$100Milwaukee, WI01/21/2012
Mark - Thanks for all you do to make our world a better place - from minimizing waste in the production of messenger bags, to reducing your own carbon footprint, to supporting homeless young people, to inspiring all of us to make a difference, no matter how small. Safe travels. Dr. Jude Rathburn Milwaukee, WI
Crystal Maldonado, Friend$20San Francisco, CA01/22/2012
David Hornik, Friend$250Palo Alto, CA01/22/2012
See you at TED. Enjoy the ride!
Robert Bier, Friend$100Singapore, Singapore01/22/2012
Hey Mark, long time no see. Good luck on the ride - it sounds like great fun (but a lot of hard work too). Wish I could join you. Take care Rob
Don Frser, Friend$100St. Helena , CA01/23/2012
Mark -- You are a Inspiration to all of us who know You. Enjoy your 'Ride' and we will look forward to seeing your Summary Video.
Andrew Brady, Friend$50Ann Arbor, MI01/23/2012
Go Mark Go! Best wishes from your friends at King Courier!
mike schell, Friend$50san francisco, CA01/23/2012
ride Forrest ride
Anonymous, Friend$5001/23/2012
Good luck, Mark! Roll on!
Rick Warner, Friend$100Portland, OR01/24/2012
I know Mark can! Have a good ride. Rick
gary groff, Friend$25san francisco, CA01/26/2012
Good luck- Be safe!
David Pitcher, Friend$100Worcester , MA01/27/2012
Best of luck Mark. Hope to hear about the details over a beer soon. - Dave
david kanner, Friend$100redwood city, CA01/27/2012
Greg Koch, Friend / TEDster$250Escondido, CA01/28/2012
Good luck with the ride this year Mark! See you in Long Beach my friend!
Dan Shine, Fellow TEDster$100San Francisco, CA01/28/2012
To the mighty mayor of Dogpatch, a toast! May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your handlebars and until we meet again, may oil remain covered gently on your chain. Happy trails!
Brett Lovelady, Friend$250San Francisco, CA01/28/2012
William Dwight, Brother$100Palo Alto, CA01/28/2012
You go, bro. Have a safe trip.
CRAIG FURST, Friend$100LA, CA01/30/2012
Your friends at AAA FLAG & BANNER support your efforts and cause!
Judson Barr, Friend$100San Francisco, CA01/29/2012
Here's to clear skies and nice tailwind as you head down Hwy.1. Have a great ride!
Brett Bullington, Friend$100Palo Alto, CA01/29/2012
Spencer Dwight, Favorite Child$50Palo Alto, CA01/29/2012
I dare you to ride a fixed gear for next years ride...
Macy McGinness, Friend$75San Francisco , CA01/30/2012
Good luck Mark - hope you have a great, safe ride this year and enjoy some beautiful weather along the way!
Scott Hauge, Friend$50san francisco, CA01/30/2012
Yaena Boyle, Friend$250London, United Kingdom01/31/2012
May you inspire other people to help other people;) Best wishes for a great ride. Yaena
David Troy, Friend & TEDster$50Baltimore, MD02/01/2012
Good luck on the trip, Mark!! Keep up the great work!
James Reid, Fan of Rickshaw$10San Francisco, CA02/04/2012
Good luck and hope there are plenty of "tail wind" days!
Cynthia Gair, Friend$500San Francisco, CA02/04/2012
Go Mark! From team REDF.
David Gross, Friend$100Menlo Park, CA02/06/2012
Good luck!
Nadine Williams, Friend$50Menlo Park, CA02/08/2012
Have a safe trip! Andre & Nadine
Arjun Gupta$500, 02/09/2012
Lisa Burnes, Friend of Rickshaw$100Oakland, CA02/10/2012
Enjoy every minute Mark, we will all be cheering you on from here!
Candace Key, Business Friend$50San Rafael, CA02/15/2012
Have a wonderful ride. Wishing you good weather and safe travels.
Bernard La Borie, Friend$50San Francisco, CA02/16/2012
have fun, make friends
Chris Fenster, Friend$350Brooklyn, NY02/15/2012
Rubber side down!
Marc Koska, Friend$50Furners Green, United Kingdom02/15/2012
Dude! You are a Dude!
Eduardo Rallo, Friend$100San Francisco, CA02/16/2012
Best of luck in race for a wonderful cause.!!
Matthew Bailey, Friend$10Norwich, United Kingdom02/16/2012
Happy riding!
Ronda Carnegie, Friend$100Calabasas, CA02/16/2012
It's time for TED....delighted to support these great endeavor Mark! Best, Ronda
Anonymous, Friend$1,00002/16/2012
Enjoy your ride!
David Lively, Friend$50Danville, CA02/16/2012
Have fun and stay dry and warm on the ride, and thanks for helping raise money for a great cause.
Julie Dery, Friend$25Portland, OR02/16/2012
So you're riding south, that means it's all downhill, right? :) Enjoy the ride!
Anthony Marinos, Business Partner$25Brooklyn, NY02/16/2012
Good luck, Mark! I know it's gonna be awesome.
Jeff Barco, Friend$20Saratoga, CA02/16/2012
On behalf of Mark Dwights fund raising drive! Great cause and wish him a safe and prosperous journey!
David Jacquin, Friend$500San Francisco, CA02/16/2012
Wenli Wang, Friend$100Hillsborough, CA02/17/2012
Hi Mark, What you do is remarkable. I admire your accomplishment and your determination. Good luck with the ride!
Ronda Chaney, Friend$25Redwood City, CA02/18/2012
Good luck, Mark.
Luc Arsenault, Moss Adams friend$50san francisco, CA02/18/2012
Good work - keep on riding and thanks for doing this -
Katherine Sofis, Friend$50San Francisco, CA02/20/2012
You make all of us at SFMade proud!
Lawrence Geoffrey Abraham, Supporter$300San Francisco, CA, CA02/21/2012
Mark, A founder finding time for a cause, cycling for charity, and the TED conference are 3 things that very much inspire me. I am both envious and excited for you! Truly, you are one man in the city of San Francisco worth looking up to. And you know very well that all young people need men and women to look up to. May your trip be challenging in all the right ways. Channel the spirit of a pedicabber when you need help on the hills. May the wind be with you, Geoff
William Duff, Friend$500San Francisco, CA02/21/2012
Happy to back an awesome supporter of deserving causes in San Francisco. Have a great ride!
David Albertson, Friend$100San Francisco, CA02/21/2012
Go Mark go! See you in Long Beach--much more fit than me, my friend.
Jon Callaghan, Friend$100Palo Alto, CA02/21/2012
Go Mark!
Chris Schulman, Friend$50San Francisco, CA02/21/2012
KENNETH EDDINGS, Friend$250Sunnyvale, CA02/21/2012
Have a good ride. Post pictures!
Thomas Senderovitz, Fellow TEDster$100Aachen, Germany02/22/2012
See you soon in Long Beach!
Alexandra Egolf, Friend$500Boston, MA02/22/2012
Cue Ball is proud to support Mark and this great cause!
Bridgett Luther, Friend$250San Francisco, CA02/22/2012
Mark you are an inspiration in so many ways! Safe travels from all of us at the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute - Bridgett
Eric Steckel, BARS+TONE$100San Francisco, CA02/22/2012
Get at it, Mark. It's inspiring that you put rubber to the road in raising funds for a great organization. Good luck and may the weather treat you well! - Eric, BARS+TONE
Matt Curtis, Friend, TEDSter$100Raleigh, NC02/22/2012
See you next week! Keep it up...
Ryan Mickle, Friend$25San Francisco, CA02/22/2012
Best of luck, Mark!
David Hornik, Friend$100Palo Alto, CA02/22/2012
I'm enjoying the updates. Good luck tomorrow. DAVID
Jason Chua, Friend$50Glenview, CA02/22/2012
Sounds like an awesome ride! A couple of us here at SparkLab have made the trip down the coast or across the country, and know how thrilling (and tiring) the journey can be. Happy riding!
Adam Grosser, Friend$250Hillsborough, CA02/23/2012
Mark - I'm impressed! And frustrated - having had knee surgery 5 days ago, a bike ride sounds so amazingly wonderful!
Luke O, Associate$50San Francisco, CA02/23/2012
Kudos Mark Luke
Thorina Rose, Friend$25San Francisco, CA02/23/2012
Here's a small donation to help you meet your goal! Have a great ride today Mark!
loring sagan, Friend$50san francisco, CA02/23/2012
If you won't let us ride with you to help pull, then we can help "push" over the finish line!
Anonymous, Friend$2502/23/2012
Bravo, Mark!
Elisabeth Micheli, Friend$50Glen Ellen, CA02/23/2012
You go Mark! You are inspiring many with your ride and your cause! Cheers Lisa (Pepperwood)
Janet Lees, Friend$50Oakland, CA02/24/2012
Your posts are inspiring and your bike ride is very impressive. Bravo Mark!
Herb Dwight, Friend$500Healdsburg, CA02/24/2012
Caitlin Bristol, Friend$300San Francisco, CA02/24/2012
From your friends at eBay Green!!!
penelope douglas, Friend$50sausalito, CA02/24/2012
Go Mark Go- See you when you get back! Penelope
Regan Dwight, Son$82San Francisco, CA02/24/2012
From Regan: Have a great ride Dad. Love you! (Pick up some Hex bugs on your way!)
Thursday Carreon , Friend$50San Rafael, CA02/25/2012
Well done, Mark, in so many ways!
Doug Epstein, Friend$50Camas, WA02/25/2012
It's an honor to support you and your noble cause. Thanks for helping to make the world a better place.
Jeff Smith, Friend$100Burlingame, CA02/25/2012
Enjoying following your ride Mark. Keep up the good work and riding safe, and have fun at TED when you get there. Best, Jeff
Debbie Lefkowitz, Friend$100San Francisco, CA02/25/2012
David Hornik, Friend$50Palo Alto, CA02/25/2012
A little more fuel to power you into Long Beach (as I sit here in my room at the Westin). Congrats on another great ride. DAVID
Josh Rubin, Friend$50New York, NY02/26/2012
Well done! Happy birthday and see you at TED!
Mike Singer, Friend$1,000Calabasas, CA02/26/2012
Congrats, Mark. Great journey and wonderful cause. See you at TED. Mike
Jordan Ayan, Fellow TEDster$250Scottsdale, AZ02/26/2012
Great job Mark - have enjoyed your updates. Look forward to catching up at the conference.
Dave Snyder, Friend$30SAN FRANCISCO, CA02/26/2012
Go Mark!
William Ritchie, Friend$100Alexandria, VA02/26/2012
We're waiting for you!
David Hardwick, Friend$100Kennebunk, ME02/27/2012
Mark - good going! Hope to see you back from your ride when I am next in SF. Dave
Dr. Jude Rathburn, Friend$21Milwaukee, WI02/27/2012
Happy birthday Mark. Thanks again for all you do to make our world a better place. Enjoy TED!
Howard Flax, Friend$50Mill Valley, CA02/27/2012
Well done, Mark. And Happy Birthday!
Jean Pierre Conte, Friend$1,000San Francisco, CA02/27/2012
David Baker, Friend$500San Francisco, CA02/28/2012
I tour a bit so I'm totally impressed with you getting to Long Beach in 5 days. Make it two weeks and I'm with you!
Owen Rubin, Friend$25Oakland, CA02/28/2012
Congrats on completing the ride. Wish I had known about it in advance, would have donated earlier.
Joe Golden, Friend$500Hopland, CA03/20/2012
Way to go Mark!
dan harden, Friend$100san jose, CA03/20/2012
Maria Eitel$100Bothell, WA03/21/2012
Jayne Williams, Friend$100San Fran, CA03/26/2012


Hi. I'm back with my annual human powered challenge -- riding my bicycle more than 500 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles in February to attend the annual TED conference (www.ted.com) in Long Beach. I have completed this ride four times in the past three years -- twice for I Think I Can campaigns. Last year I completed the ride in 5 days, and raised $4,102 for ATC. In 2010, it took me 6 days -- thanks to two days of vicious headwinds and driving rain -- and I raised $10,681 for ATC. The other two rides were just for "fun", and took 5 days each.


I ride solo and unassisted (no support vehicle). I don't camp -- I want a hot shower, a good meal and a warm bed after 12 hours on the road. Motel 6 rocks! The coastal route along Highway 1 -- also called the Great Highway -- is breathtaking. February is a good time to ride this route, because there are very few tourist buses and cars, but the weather is hit-or-miss -- it can be sunny and calm, or rainy and windy. This year I'm planning on five days. I'm hoping for clear, calm weather conditions, but I will ride rain or shine.

I depart from the center of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise on Wednesday, February 22, 2012. During the ride, I'm on the road for 10 to 12 hours per day -- typically 8 hours "in the saddle", plus a few breaks (and an occasional flat tire). I will be sending frequent updates along the way via Twitter (@markdwight) and Facebook, including photos and videos, so you can enjoy the journey from the comfort of your office chair.


My goal is to raise at least $10,000 this year -- and I will work hard to raise even more.

I encourage you to make any level of contribution, but if 100 people pledge $100 each -- less than 20-cents per mile per person -- I will achieve my fund raising goal.



Anyone who donates $1000 to this campaign will receive a personal tour of my company, Rickshaw Bagworks (www.rickshawbags.com) -- where we make cool custom messenger bags right here in San Francisco -- AND we'll make one of our custom Zero Messenger Bags just for you during your visit.


Anyone who donates $500 will receive a special Limited Edition 2012 I Think I Can commemorative Zero Messenger Bag (design to be announced soon).

$100 - $499

Anyone who donates $100 or more will receive a special Limited Edition 2012 I Think I Can commemorative Classic Musette Bag (design to be announced soon).

Any $$$

No matter how much you donate, you will receive the eternal gratitude of the fabulous ATC team and their clients, and the personal gratification of contributing to an important and worthy cause. Oh, and you'll receive all of my updates along the way.


I chose this goal because

I'm a cycling enthusiast, and an advocate of bicycling as eco-friendly and healthy alternative transportation. In addition to ATC, I'm a dedicated supporter of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (www.sfbike.org). I ride my bicycle to work almost everyday here in San Francisco. I am not now, and never have been a competitive cyclist -- I simply like to ride my bicycle, and encourage others to do the same. This annual ride to LA has become a personal challenge, a time for contemplation, and an opportunity for me to rally my family, friends and associates to contribute to a worthy cause.

I'm helping because

I've been an ATC supporter for nine years, and I think the work these folks do is very important. And, it's tough work! I have four teenage children myself, and my kids are the same ages as some of the kids ATC seeks to help -- and some of these kids even have young children of their own. It breaks my heart to think about the circumstances that lead these kids to homelessness, and the conditions and situations they must endure on the street. While there are a number of organizations here in SF that seek to assist homeless youth, ATC runs a unique program that reaches out to kids that fall outside these other programs.

I have the utmost respect for the dedication, humanity and tireless effort of the ATC team. I'm using my ride to engage my family, friends and associates to raise awareness for ATC, and to make a financial contribution to this important organization.

About At The Crossroads

ATC walks the streets of San Francisco, reaching out to homeless youth and young adults on their turf. We work with young people who others have given up on, who would not get help without us. Since we started 19 years ago, we have worked with more than 7,500 youth, helping them build outstanding lives.


Just one week until I start my ride. Even though I've done this ride four times already, I still get a little nervous about all of the last minute details. I just keep reminding myself that it's really quite simple -- just get on your bike, and ride! Here's my latest pre-trip video:http://blog.rickshawbags.com/1-week-and-counting/

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It's just three and a half weeks until my Feb 22 departure. A number of people have inquired about the bicycle I'm riding. It's a bright red beauty, which I call "Gran Turissmo Rosso", and I assembled it myself with quite a few locally manufactured components. If you'd like to learn more about the bike (and the ride), you can watch my new video:http://blog.rickshawbags.com/how-i-roll-2/

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Just 30 days until my departure from the Golden Gate Bridge. My fundraising effort has begun. I've spent the last three days sending emails. Be sure to checkout the video I made with my Rickshaw colleague, Joe Montana (yes, that's really his name):http://vimeo.com/35352969

Thanks to everyone who has already contributed! Go Niners!

Don Fraser wrote:

Mark -- You are Inspiration to all of us who have watched you

grow into the Man you have become. Enjoy your 2012 'Ride' and

we will look forward to seeing your Summary Video.

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Okay, I'm up and spinning -- getting an early start on my fundraising drive this year. I'll be riding my bright red SoulCraft custom bicycle again this year. It made its maiden voyage on my SF-LA ride last February, and has been my daily-driver since. It now has 1650 miles on it. I had the wheels tensioned and trued a few weeks ago, so they're ready for the next big ride. I just entered the 2/22/12 departure date in my Days Until iPhone app -- 71 days to go...

Jennylee wrote:

Thanks guys, I just about lost it loionkg for this.

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