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Support Mark's annual 500-mile bicycle ride from SF to LA while helping homeless youth

Mark Dwight
Long-time supporter, 10 years

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The total I've raised pays for:
  • 17 years of support


Juliet Hoffman, Girlfriend$250San Francisco, CA01/06/2013
You are the most awesome man I have ever known!
Juthymas Harntha, Friend of Rob's$200Marina Del Rey, CA01/07/2013
Eduardo Frias, Friend$100SAN FRANCISCO, CA01/29/2013
Great cause Mark, thanks for inspiring us all!!
Lynda Weinman, Friend$1,000Carpinteria, CA01/29/2013
Have a great ride. Can't wait to hear about it. The lynda.com bags were the biggest hit among all our holiday gifts - your team is amazing! See you soon.
crystal maldonado$10Oakland, CA01/29/2013
kati jackson, Friend$20San Francisco, CA01/29/2013
GO MARK!!! bicycle rights!!
Bill Slatkin, Neighbor$50San Francisco, CA01/31/2013
Maybe we can get the Potrero View interested in running a photo and a brief log of your adventures along the way.
David Hornik, Friend$250Palo Alto, CA02/03/2013
Always vicariously enjoy your ride down the coast.
nancy spector, Friend$50SAN FRANCISCO, CA02/03/2013
hey mark, have a safe, memorable ride!
Donald Fraser, Friend$50St. Helena, CA02/03/2013
Go Mark Go -- Be Safe and Enjoy the Ride. Don & Dianne
Spencer Dwight, Favorite Child$50Palo Alto, CA02/04/2013
Hopefully we will ride this together soon, have a safe trip!
mike schell, Friend$50san francisco, CA02/04/2013
ride your ass off my friend.
Dan Soha, Friend/Admirer$100Cupertino, CA02/04/2013
Go get 'em Mark!! Be safe and keep smilin'
Anonymous, Friend$50002/05/2013
Owen Rubin, Friend$100Oakland, CA02/05/2013
Have a great ride Mark.
Anonymous, Friend$5002/05/2013
John Malnor, Friend$50Grand rapids, MI02/05/2013
A great reason for a beautiful ride! Safe travels - see you in long beach.
Bobby Winston, Friend$250CA, CA02/06/2013
Yo go, boy.
Adam Grosser, Friend$250Hillsborough, CA02/06/2013
Mark - Always a pleasure to help. Have a safe ride. Tailwinds, Adam
Matt Kelly, Friend$250San Francisco, CA02/06/2013
Have a memorable ride!!! Look forward to getting together in person and hearing the story of the ride. Safe travels, Matt
Candace Key, Friend$25San Rafael, CA02/06/2013
Ride like the wind and have a great time.
Paul Montana, Joe$25Stratham, NH02/06/2013
Keep up the good work !!!
BEN DAVIS, Friend$100SAN FRANCISCO, CA02/07/2013
Mark, Wishing you sunshine and warm tailwinds. I've done that ride a few times. It can be a total breeze or a terrible grind. One way or another, though, you are on a bike and that is heaven. The sticker you need: THE BAY LIGHTS
Matt Curtis, Friend$100Raleigh, NC02/08/2013
Have one hell of a ride!
Kent Barnes, Friend$50San Francisco, CA02/10/2013
Be safe my friend, will follow every mile with a smile that I know you!
William Shipley, Drinking Buddy$100San Francisco, CA02/10/2013
You have a girlfriend‽
Christiaan Vorkink, Friend$100San Francisco, CA02/11/2013
good luck and happy pedaling, Mark!
Caitlin Bristol, Friend$50San Francisco, CA02/11/2013
Go Mark go!! Looking forward to the pics along the way :)
Tony Pino, Friend$50Medford, MA02/11/2013
Judson Barr, Friend$100SAN FRANCISCO, CA02/12/2013
Enjoy the ride, Mark!
Kenneth Eddings, Friend$250Sunnyvale, CA02/12/2013
See you in Long Beach!
Chris Schulman, Friend$100San Francisco, CA02/14/2013
Best of luck and have a safe ride.
Dan Nguyen-Tan, Friend$25San Francisco, CA02/14/2013
Go Mark! Thanks for all your service to our community and beyond.
Lynette Cayson, Friend$100San Francisco, CA02/14/2013
Diana Adair, Friend$50Campbell, CA02/14/2013
Way to go, Mark!
Richard Warner, Friend$100Portland, OR02/14/2013
May the wind be at your back and the rain stay in Oregon. Have a great ride.
david kanner, Friend$125Redwood City, CA02/14/2013
Be safe, have fun, enjoy the peace
Dave Gross, Friend$50Menlo Park, CA02/14/2013
May the sun shine along your route!
Yannis Skoufalos, Friend$500mason, OH02/15/2013
John Colligan, Friend$250Menlo Park, CA02/15/2013
Go Mark...have a great ride!
James Phillips, Friend$100Livermore, CA02/16/2013
Good luck Mark! Stay safe!
Thomas Senderovitz, Friend$250Hellerup, Denmark02/17/2013
Wishing you a great ride!
Joe Golden, Friend$1,000San Francisco, CA02/17/2013
Go, Mark, go!
Stephen Lewis, Friend$250Portola Valley, CA02/17/2013
Ride safe and get a #$%^ helmet -- seriously thanks for doing some good! Steve Lewis
Bill Dwight, Brother$100Palo Alto, CA02/17/2013
Way to go, bro. Ride safely.
bonnie curtis, Friend$100south lebanon, OH02/18/2013
Mark: May the wind (and rain) be at your back as you begin this important journey.
David Hardwick, Friend$100Kennebunk, ME02/18/2013
Have a good ride Mark - it is a pleasure to support your effort and your charity! Dave
Joseph Raffa, Friend$25Mountain View, CA02/18/2013
Have a great ride!
Herbert Dwight, Mom and Dad$1,000Healdsburg, CA02/18/2013
Joseph DiNunzio, Friend$200Davis, CA02/18/2013
Mark: On behalf of Fido, Steve Lewis and I thank you for your help. We are pleased to give back in a small way to honor the work you do for ATC. Regards, Joe
Lisa Burnes, Friend$100Oakland, CA02/18/2013
Good luck out there Mark! I remember you saying last year that donations while you were riding gave you extra motivation, hopefully today, on your longest day of riding, this helps give you a little extra push through the headwinds! Have a fantastic ride, I can't wait to hear all about it, thanks for the inspiration!!
Jon Callaghan, Friend$250Palo Alto, CA02/18/2013
Go Mark, GO!
David Hornik, Friend$50Palo Alto, CA02/18/2013
Great first day! Good luck tomorrow. DAVID
Dr. Jude Rathburn, Friend$50Milwaukee, WI02/19/2013
Congratulations Mark on already reaching your goal to raise $10,000. I appreciate all you do for ATC and the greater SF community. You continue to be an inspiration. Have a great ride!
Andy Keller$20Chico, CA02/19/2013
You are inspirational Mark. Ride on!
Regina Dick-Endirzzi, Friend$100San Francisco, CA02/19/2013
You are an inspiration Mark!
Dick and Ome Stark, Mark's personal river guide$50Twain Harte, CA02/19/2013
Fly Mark Fly!
Paul Comstock Partners, Friend$500Houston, TX02/19/2013
We know you can, we know you can! After all, you are going downhill, right?
Julie Dery, Friend$25portland, OR02/19/2013
Ride on, Mark!!!
Nadine Williams, Team MagnoGrip$50Menlo Park, CA02/19/2013
Derek Granath, Friend$50Los Altos, CA02/19/2013
Eduardo Rallo, Friend$100San Francisco, CA02/19/2013
Good Luck and best wished form the Rallo's
Chris Fenster, Friend$250San Frncisco, CA02/19/2013
Gook luck mark!
David Albertson, Friend$100San Francisco, CA02/19/2013
Go Mark go! See you at TED!
Karen Hollingsworth, Customer$36North Branch, MN02/20/2013
Jordan Ayan, Friend$100Scottsdale, AZ02/20/2013
Go Mark, Go! Have a safe trip!
Patrice Brend'amour$20Koblenz, Germany02/20/2013
Anonymous, Friend$2002/20/2013
Samuel Levin, Rickshaw Ambassador$54Mill Valley, CA02/20/2013
so happy for Mark & Crossroads! Peace|Namaste, Sam
N B Savoie, Texas Friend$250Houston, TX02/20/2013
What an inspiration you are to all the youths you are helping!
Ching-Lun Jwo, Friend$250Taipei, Taiwan02/20/2013
Dear Mark, I really appreciate to your effort to help and to care of people and community. Go! I will follow you always. Take care. Sincerely Charles
Luke O'Brien, Friend$50San Francisco, CA02/20/2013
Keep on truck'n' Commissioner....... :-) Your fellow commissioner
gary groff, Friend$50san francisco, CA02/21/2013
smooth riding!
Thursday Carreon, Friend$100San Rafael, CA02/21/2013
Whether this note arrives while going up a hill or having a well deserved cold one- know I so appreciate what you do to support the ATC folks in helping the kids. Ride on, Mark!
Gregory Lee C.$100San Francisco, CA02/19/2013
David Hornik, Friend$100Palo Alto, CA02/21/2013
Almost made it. Seems like this year had some tougher days than years past. Enjoy the hot tub.
Macy McGinness, Friend$50San Francisco, CA02/22/2013
Way to go Mark!
Lisa Gansky, Friend$360Napa, CA02/22/2013
You're such an relentless lovely inspiration!! Enjoy the ride & see you in LB;-) Lxo
Ruth Johnson, Friend$50SF, CA02/22/2013
Mark - what a tremendous accomplishment. Congrats!
Alexandra Sangmeister$25San Francisco, CA02/22/2013
Doug Epstein, Friend$30Camas, WA02/23/2013
You're a rock star. Thank you. Forty-eight years from now I will be super-impressed when you become the first 100 year-old to complete this ride. Best regards! Doug
Dennis Boyle, Friend$50Palo Alto, CA02/23/2013
Way to go Mark! Well done! cheers, dennis
Anthony Pino, Friend$50medford, MA02/23/2013
Hope this helps tip you towards the goal!
Eric Irvine, Friend$20La Canada, CA02/23/2013
Congrats on the ride!! I did it a year ago and have enjoyed retracing the steps through your posts.
Steve Leveen, Friend$100Delray Beach, FL02/24/2013
Way to go Mark!
Andrea Barthello, Friend$250Alexandria, VA02/24/2013
Cheers from bill and Andrea at Thinkfun! What a great ride. See u at TED
Deth Im, Supporter$50Kansas City, MO02/24/2013
This is a great cause. I appreciate your spirit and your commitment.
Carolyn Galbraith, Friend$500San Francisco, CA02/25/2013
This is on behalf of ASTRO Studios / Brett Lovelady. Way to go!!!! Fantastic cause.
Carmen Crotti, Friend$100San Francisco, CA02/25/2013
You are a true poet
Anonymous, Team Rickshaw$50002/26/2013
Way to go, Mark! Congrats on another successful ride, and for breaking your fundraising record from last year. And, Happy Birthday!
Anonymous, Friend$10002/26/2013
Keep on pedalin'!
Harrison Dwight, Son$25San Francisco, CA02/27/2013
Congratulations on a successful ride Dad, and Happy Birthday!
marc koska, Friend$50furners green, United Kingdom02/27/2013
Well Done Mark. Trouper!
Mike Deadder, Friend$50NY, NY02/27/2013
good stuff Mark! Pardon the late contribution ... I am still working with start-ups and one "hits" I intend to sponsor more....
Kate Sofis, Friend$100San Francisco , CA02/27/2013
Mark Dwight$35San Francisco, CA02/27/2013
The best birthday gift ever! Sweet 16K!
Jane Dwight, Friend$250Healdsburg, CA02/27/2013
Happy birthday!
Jeff Zazzle, Fan$50Atherton, CA02/27/2013
You crushed it, Mark!!
Regan Dwight, Son$25San francisco, CA02/27/2013
Good job on your trip dad!
Liam Thornton, Friend$250Portland, OR03/01/2013
Mark-Awesome ride. Congratulations.
Western Textile & Mfg. Co.$200San Francisco, 03/06/2013
Anonymous, Friend$2003/13/2013
Alexandra Dwight, Daughter$25Palo Alto, CA03/13/2013
we're proud of you! :)
Anonymous, Team Rickshaw$13003/17/2013
Level-up to $17K -- Happy St Patty's Day!


Hi. I'm back with my 4th annual human powered challenge for ATC -- riding my bicycle more than 500 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Last year I completed the ride in 5 days, and raised $15,376. In 2011, it took me 5 days, and I raised $4,102. In 2010, it took me 6 days -- thanks to two days of vicious headwinds and driving rain -- and I raised $10,681.

3 campaigns, 1,500 miles, $30,000 raised -- let's do it again!


I ride solo and unassisted (no support vehicles -- just my iPhone and a credit card). I don't camp -- I want a hot shower, a good meal and a warm bed after 12 hours on the road. Motel 6 is my lodging of choice -- cheap and clean, with on-site coin-operated laundry. My coastal route along Highway 1 -- also called the Great Highway, or Pacific Coast Highway ("PCH") -- is breathtaking. February is a good time to ride this route, since there are very few tourist buses and cars -- but the weather is hit-or-miss -- it can be sunny and calm, or rainy and windy. This year I'm planning on five days. I will ride rain or shine.

I will depart from the center of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise on Monday, February 18, 2013. During the ride, I'll be on the road for 10 to 12 hours per day -- typically 8 hours "in the saddle", plus a few breaks (and an occasional flat tire). I will be sending frequent updates along the way via Twitter (@markdwight) and Facebook, including photos and videos, so you can enjoy the journey from the comfort of your office chair.


My goal is to raise at least $10,000 this year -- and I will work hard to raise even more.

I encourage you to make any level of contribution, but if 100 people pledge $100 each -- less than 20-cents per mile per person -- I will achieve my fund raising goal.



Anyone who donates $1000 to this campaign will receive a personal tour of my company, Rickshaw Bagworks (www.rickshawbags.com) -- where we make cool custom messenger bags right here in San Francisco -- AND we'll make one of our custom Zero Messenger Bags just for you during your visit.


Anyone who donates $500 will receive a special Limited Edition 2013 I Think I Can commemorative Zero Messenger Bag (design to be announced soon).

$100 - $499

Anyone who donates $100 or more will receive a special Limited Edition 2013 I Think I Can commemorative Classic Musette Bag (design to be announced soon).

Any $$$

No matter how much you donate, you will receive the eternal gratitude of the fabulous ATC team and their clients, and the personal gratification of contributing to an important and worthy cause. And, you'll receive all of my updates along the way.


I chose this goal because

This is my 4th campaign, and my 6th SF-LA bicycle ride. I am not a competitive cyclist -- I simply like to ride my bicycle, and hope to inspire others to do the same. The ride has become an annual ritual for me -- a time for contemplation, and an opportunity to rally my family, friends and associates to contribute to a worthy cause.

I'm helping because

I've been an ATC supporter for 10 years now. I think the work these folks do is very important -- and it's tough work! I have four young adult children myself, and my kids are the same ages as some of the kids ATC seeks to help -- and some of these kids even have young children of their own. It breaks my heart to think about the circumstances that lead these kids to homelessness, and the conditions and situations they must endure on the street. While there are a number of organizations here in SF that seek to assist homeless youth, ATC runs a unique program that reaches out to kids that fall outside these other programs.

I have the utmost respect for the dedication, humanity and tireless effort of the ATC team. I'm using my ride to engage my family, friends and associates to raise awareness for ATC, and to make a financial contribution to this important organization.

About At The Crossroads

ATC walks the streets of San Francisco, reaching out to homeless youth and young adults on their turf. We work with young people who others have given up on, who would not get help without us. Since we started 19 years ago, we have worked with more than 7,500 youth, helping them build outstanding lives.


Ode to the Road -- a poem by Mark Dwight

A number of people have asked me what it’s like to spend five days on my bicycle -- alone, dawn to dusk, 100 miles per day -- and what I think about while I’m riding. On Saturday, the day after completing this year’s ride, I was inspired to write this poem.

Ode to the Road

Whoosh. Ka-thunk. Ka-thunk. Ka-thunk.

Passing cars veer across the center line and back.

The whirring of my wheels on the road.

The crackle of gravel under my tires.

The patter of rain on my back.

The flap flap flapping of my jacket.

The rush of wind in my ears.

My heaving breath

As I push this 50 pound sled up yet another hill

At barely pedestrian pace

Anticipating the next descent.

The low din of the ocean

Crashing against the jagged rocks below.

Watching for glass, rocks, road kill and car parts.

All day long.

Cows just stare.

Focused on the road just ahead.

Aches and pains of the moment.

Random thoughts.

Things to do.

Mile after monotonous mile

Passing time with simple arithmetic.

How many miles?

How many hours?

The next hill, the next town, halfway, 100 miles, sunset.

Darkness, but for the spot ahead.

Stand up.

Sit down.



Press on

To the finish.

Mark Dwight

February 23, 2013

Sakda wrote:

That's the best aneswr of all time! JMHO

Breanna wrote:

It was so wonderful to be with you and all the polepe who love you this weekend in Dallas!! To top it off, to learn that the precious little girl that P.L.A.Y. helped compete in the OKC games won Gold Medals WOW!! You need to post her picture Jenny..I am sure all who read your blog would want to see!! We had such a wonderful time with you and Nick..we are so very, very proud and blessed!! Love you..Mom

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

May your day be filled with red roses, candy hearts and sweet kisses.

It's a gorgeous sunny day in SF, and just 4 more days until I start my ride. At this time next week, I’ll be more than 300 miles down the road, somewhere between Lompoc and Ventura, looking forward to my lunch break -- a pastrami reuben sandwich at Norton's Deli in Santa Barbara.


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Greetings. Thanks to everyone who has already donated. I sent out my first batch of emails yesterday to officially kick-off my fundraising campaign. I start my ride two weeks from today, on Monday, Feb 18 -- and I can't wait to hit the road. I had my wheels freshly tightened and trued by expert wheelsmith Rich Lesnik (www.handsonwheels.com), and I installed a fresh set of tires and new rear brake pads. I'm starting to organize all of the necessities for the trip, and reading my notes from past trips. I'll share a few tid-bits in the days to come. Cheers!

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