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Meredith Hanson
friend & supporter, 1 year

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The total I've raised pays for:
  • 2 housing assistance
  • and 1 school application
  • and 2 meals for clients


Tiffany Moore, Friend$25Richmond, CA02/13/2011
YAY! This is a deal I can't pass up! Bravo to you...I can't wait to read your stuff!
caitlin collins, Friend$25san francisco, CA02/13/2011
Webb Lyons, Friend$25Birmingham, AL02/13/2011
Kristin Woodley, Friend$25Vancouver, BC, Canada, CA02/14/2011
Good for you Mere! Looking forward to following your blog :)
Viet Nguyen, B!$25San Francisco, CA02/15/2011
Lisa Mizokami, Friend$25San Francisco, CA02/18/2011
Yes! Can't wait to read your blog, Mere. :)
Elizabeth Shapiro, Friend$25Oakland, CA02/26/2011
please send link post-haste, I have to catch up!
Christina Sunley, Friend$25Oakland, CA02/27/2011
Shari Hanson, Mom$100Orange Beach, AL02/27/2011
Love you!
Jerry and Lois Hutchison, Family$25Pelham, AL02/28/2011
Mere - good luck on your project! Love Ya! Gramps & Gram
Patrick C Pitts, Friend$25San Francisco, CA03/01/2011
Bridget Geraci, party partner$50San Francisco, CA03/01/2011
Woot! Go Mere!
Catherine Geraci$50Narragansett, RI03/01/2011
Great job!
Good Luck! Your getting close. Love ya, Kyle and Jennifer
Rudy Slejko, Buddy$25San Francisco, CA03/02/2011
Good job !
renske van staveren, Friend$100berkeley, CA03/02/2011
Love you, love this idea, love getting the inside scoop, love new ventures, love love... LOVE
Linda Liebelt, Friend$25San Francisco, CA03/03/2011
Dear Meredith and Viet, I always love to hear happy news about my friends. I wish you both all the best in your future life together. Always, Linda and Wolfgang Liebelt
Carol Chen, Friend$25San Francisco, CA03/03/2011
hooray! love them goals!
Andrew McClelland, Friend$25San Francisco, CA04/20/2011
Go Go Meredith!!!!


My goal is to help raise money for At The Crossroads by tackling a personal goal that’s been on my to-do list for a while: start a blog and update it at least once a week.

By supporting this campaign, you're going to donate to an amazing cause and you're going to help me to accomplish something I haven't been able to motivate myself to do for the past several years. It's a win. win.

Now here’s the deal: If you donate at least $25 to this campaign (which will go directly to support the amazing work done by At The Crossroads), I’ll send you the super secret link to my blog so you can subscribe and follow along with my adventures. And the fact that I know you'll be reading will help me to keep posting.

here’s what I can promise. Among other things, the blog will have:





and lottttts of secrets

soooo, help me out and support ATC!

I chose this goal because

I love to write, and I have wanted to start a blog for a while. It's something that i think about all the time. I've even had the name of my blog and the site reserved for over two years. and yet, not a word has been written. This is a chance to make it happen. It may seem like such a small thing to do, but i know it will mean a lot to me to do it.

Having a blog will also help my family and friends track what I'm up to. I had a blog when I lived abroad that I updated regularly, and it brought me a lot of joy. It was a wonderful way to share my adventures with my family and friends back home.

Also, I have a crappy memory. real crappy. and when I go back and read my Chilean blog, it brings back so many memories that would have otherwise been completely lost.

To me, the I Think I Can campaign is about small change. It's about taking steps towards who you want to be. It's about recognizing something very doable in my life that I can change that will have a big impact on my happiness.

I'm helping because

ATC makes a difference. They reach out to young people at a time in their lives when they are most fragile. I'm helping because even though I don't know any of the kids that are helped by At The Crossroads, I want them to know that people believe in them. I believe in them.

and that people care about them. I care about them.

The people at ATC are changing lives, and I've known about their work for over two years. I've supported the campaigns of friends who have participated in the past, but this is my first year joining. I want to do whatever I can to support the great work done by ATC.

I'm helping because it takes more than believing and caring to make change.

About At The Crossroads

ATC walks the streets of San Francisco, reaching out to homeless youth and young adults on their turf. We work with young people who others have given up on, who would not get help without us. Since we started 19 years ago, we have worked with more than 7,500 youth, helping them build outstanding lives.


Have you guys checked out all the awesome new posts on the blog?! check it out!!!

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Thanks so much to Lisa, Elizabeth, Christina, Mom, Grams & Gramps, Casey, Bridget, Catherine, Jennifer and Rudy!!! You guys are the best!! and Thanks to everyone's support, I have reached my goal! and I think I can do better, so I'm going to up my goal to $750!

The van Lyndes wrote:

Now that I'm no longer just a cube away, how could I *NOT* want to read the super awesome comings & goings of my friend Meredith AND support an awesome cause: um, NO BRAINER!

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There are a total of 7 posts on the blog!!! and there is big news. HUGE secret news revealed on the blog.

Rob wrote:

Way to reach your fundraising goal, Meredith!

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FOUR NEW BLOG POSTS ARE UP!!! That's right. I'm so on top of this.

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Thanks so much Caitlin, Webb, Kristin and Viet!! You're the best! Make sure you sign up for a subscription once you get to the blog so that you can receive email updates.; I am hoping to put up a new post tonight, so stay posted!

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1 post up on the blog!!! Thanks so much for your support Fanny!

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