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Meredith Nguyen
friend & supporter, 3 years

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The total I've raised pays for:
  • 1 housing assistance
  • and 2 school applications
  • and 1 birthday gift


Edward Lyons, Friend$25New Haven, CT02/03/2013
renske lynde, Friend$25berkeley, CA02/03/2013
You GO, girl. I cannot WAIT to see the videos!
Heather Scimeca, Friend$25San Francisco, CA02/11/2013
Best wishes in achieving your goal and to those it will benefit! I want to be present to witness this line dancing!
Aaron Rashba, Friend$25Daly City, CA02/15/2013
Great idea - Yee haw!
Phong Vu, Friend$25American Canyon, CA02/17/2013
We can't wait to see the line dancing! Good luck! Phong & Alice
Shari Hanson, Mom$100Orange Beach, AL02/21/2013
Love you!
Margarita Andrea Soria, Friend$100San Francisco, CA02/27/2013
Best of luck! The world could use more of your enthusiasm :)
Andrew McClelland, Friend$25San Francisco, CA02/27/2013
Does Square Dancing Count? - cuz Zora has expressed an interest in Baby Bjorn do-si-do.
Jerry & Lois Hutchison, Grandparents$50Pelham, AL03/11/2013
Love you, Gram & Gramps.
Elizabeth Shapiro, Friend$50Emeryville, CA03/18/2013
I hope one of your dances is inspired by meeeeeee :)


My goal is to help raise much needed funding for At The Crossroads by dancing by booty off.

I have recently discovered that line dancing is the passion I never knew I had, and I would like to learn as many line dances by heart as I possibly can so that no dancing saloon this side of the mississippi will be safe. Not only this will be an amazingly fun challenge for me, but it will also be a great form of exercise (which trust me-I need).

For every donation of $25 or more, I will learn 1 line dance that I will video myself doing (to prove that I have really mastered the dance) and post on my blog: www.notmerelyliving.com.

If I reach my goal of raising $1,000, I will take this skill/passion to a whole new level and choreograph my own very line dance!!!

I chose this goal because

You can take the girl out of the south. . .

No Really. I think there are too few things in my life that give me joy in a completely stress free way. Things that are just purely there for fun's sake. Dancing definitely is one of them. Even though I've been drawn to line dancing for a long time and have tried it out a few times over the past year, I haven't been able to commit to learn more dances for lots of reasons: I'm too busy, too insecure, too clumsy. I could go on.

What I love about the At The Crossroads I Think I Can Campaign is that it encourages the participants to commit to a personal goal, but it's really the cause of supporting homeless youth that drives each of us to tackle our goal. I love dancing. It makes me happy and joyful in a carefree way that few other things do, but I just don't take the time to make it a priority.

Thanks to this inspirational campaign I can commit to something that I know will make me happy when it also simultaneously supports such a great cause.

And who knows? Maybe I'll quit my job and join the line dancing circuit (if there is one?). It could happen!

I'm helping because

ATC makes a difference. They reach out to young people at a time in their lives when they are most fragile. I'm helping because even though I don't know any of the kids that are helped by At The Crossroads, I want them to know that people believe in them. I believe in them. I want them to know that people care about them. I care about them.

The people at ATC are changing lives, and I've known about their work for over four years. I've supported the campaigns of friends who have participated in the past, and this is my 2nd year participating.

The first year I did a campaign, I created a blog that has become a hugely important part of my everyday life that I love and cherish. It wouldn't exist without the "I Think I Can Campaign." I want to do whatever I can to support the great work done by ATC while also pursuing a personal goal that I know could make me super happy (and let's be honest-way cooler. How many line dancing aficionados do you know?).

I'm helping because it takes more than believing and caring to make change. Sometimes you've got to put on your boots and boogie to make a difference!

About At The Crossroads

ATC walks the streets of San Francisco, reaching out to homeless youth and young adults on their turf. We work with young people who others have given up on, who would not get help without us. Since we started 19 years ago, we have worked with more than 7,500 youth, helping them build outstanding lives.


Video Number Two is UP!!! and it's hella embarrassing. Thanks so much to everyone who has donated so far! Let's do this:http://www.notmerelyliving.com/not-merely-living/at-the-crossroads-i-think-i-can-campaign.html I promise that eventually I'll learn a line dance to a country song. :)

Jessica wrote:

I love this video! It makes me want to attempt to learn some dances myself, although I feel like it would take me forever to get the moves down! :)

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Wooooo! Thank you guys SO much!!! I'm so grateful for your support. I've learned my first line dance guys! See the video at:http://www.notmerelyliving.com/not-merely-living/at-the-crossroads-i-think-i-can-campaign.html

Rob Gitin wrote:

That dance was amazing. You are a line dancing fiend.

Mere wrote:

Ha! Not quite, but I WILL BE. :)

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