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Support Archer and Ravynheart's Write-a-thon Campaign while helping homeless youth

S A Archer

Support S A's Campaign!


The total I've raised pays for:
  • 1 school application
  • and 1 birthday gift
  • and 1 food box


S A Archer, Self$30Louisville, KY03/12/2012
Kathy McCarthy$30Fall River, Canada03/12/2012
Good luck Archer!! What a great cause! I hope you do very well.
S A Archer, Self$5Louisville, KY03/21/2012
Kathy McCarthy$5Fall River, Canada03/21/2012
S A Archer, Self$5Louisville, KY04/22/2012
Kathy McCarthy, Friend$5Fall River, Canada04/23/2012
Kathy McCarthy, Friend$5Fall River, Canada05/29/2012


My partner, S. Ravynheart and I are writing a series of urban fantasy novelettes. Well, three interconnected series, actually. They are Champion of the Sidhe, Rise of the Unseelie, and Touched. Each series will be 5 books long, so we have a total of 15 books we want to have completed and published by the end of 2012.

As of March, we have just completed our 7th book, but there is still a lot of work ahead!

You can find out more about the series on our website at www.SidheTouch.com if you like fast paced, intense urban fantasy. If you aren’t into that kind of fiction, that is cool. You can still donate because it goes to a really great cause!

So to start things out, we are going to sponsor ourselves for $5 for each book that we complete.

Will you do a donation per book for this 15-book challenge? Or maybe a one time donation to support the effort? Whatever you can give will be appreciated and is going to help some great kids.

I chose this goal because

We enjoy storytelling. We are passionate about the urban fantasy world we’ve created, with its strong characters and intense action. I’ve been writing for years, and with this series I see the potential to finally breaking out. My dream is to achieve a level of success to where Ravynheart and I can quit our day jobs and make a living just from writing. I believe that is possible.

Our first step to achieving that dream is to establish a great series that excites the readers. So far we’ve made an excellent start. We’ve outlined the plan, and for 2012 we are going to work on completing the first three mini-series of The Sidhe as a way to begin building an audience.

This is why it is perfect as our goal for this year’s write-a-thon. We’ll be extra motivated to stay on track because you’ll be able to see our progress here. Our friends and fans can encourage us to complete these series, while at the same time supporting a great cause.

I'm helping because

This is actually an interesting question, because before we began writing The Sidhe series the issues of teen homelessness hadn’t raised in my mind above any of the other problems on the planet. It was only after Scars of Silver was published, and I began reading the reviews, that I noticed that the Rise of the Unseelie series addresses the hardships faced by homeless teens. The ‘earthborn’ Sidhe of these stories are in their teens. They don’t know who and what they are. They are untrained in their magic and unaware of the dangers they face from predators who would abduct and abuse them. Luckily for the teens in the series, Donovan has dedicated his life to rescuing them from the violence and abuse they faced on the streets. He creates a safe haven for them where they can discover who they are and learn the skills to become the amazing individuals they were meant to be.

Sound familiar?

We have since made personal commitments to bring awareness to the issue of teen homelessness. We want to do what we can to support those organizations that are making a true difference in these kids’ lives. ATC is one of those awesome organizations we are proud to support. Their outreach guides teens away from the streets and puts them onto a path that leads to safe housing, education, and life skills so they can provide for themselves. ATC gives these young people the chance to not just dream about having an amazing life, but to actually achieve it.

About At The Crossroads

ATC walks the streets of San Francisco, reaching out to homeless youth and young adults on their turf. We work with young people who others have given up on, who would not get help without us. Since we started 19 years ago, we have worked with more than 7,500 youth, helping them build outstanding lives.


The next book is out! Eyes of Magic is now available from Amazon. So I've donated another $5 to the great folks At The Crossroads.

Kanoktip wrote:

I loved and was completely worired about Kaylee in BIW. I did not anticipate that ending to IID would change her. I should have known.This book is so epic and is as much a game changer as IID but in such a very different way!Love this tour stop. I will be heartbroken when the series ends, but can't wait to read WAMS.

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This week we released Defender of Magic, so that means I am putting in my $5 toward the campaign. Whoo hoo! the next book makes the halfway point on this journey, and I am excited to still be on track. And I am really jazzed about doing my little part to help At The Crossroads while I am at it.

Maria wrote:

Too funny. I left my original coenmmt on the wrong post, the one for today, Friday, Sept. 24th. I'm sorry about the goof-up. May you receive an abundance of energy and ideas, and warm snuggles from your kitties!As Cindy wishes for herself, so do I (and my cats Devi and Kali) lovingly and with intention wish for her also.

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I'm going to prime the pump and put my money where my mouth is, by donating $5 for each book we complete. So far we have 6 books of our 15-book goal completed, and up available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other like e-book stores. We should have another one out in a week or so, but I'll donate for it when it is actually available.

So... that means for the 6 books so far, at $5 a book... $30.

That's 6 food boxes or 46 socks for homeless teens! How awesome is that?

Kathy McCarthy wrote:

I'll match your donation. Every time you publish a story in your 15-book plan, i'll donate $5 as well. Starting with $30 now.

S. A. Archer wrote:

Awesome, Kathy! You rock!

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