Corporate Sponsors & Partners

At The Crossroads is blessed to have the support of many local businesses. Since a long list would be boring to look at, we’ve decided to spotlight one at a time:

Many businesses bemoan the state of homelessness in San Francisco, but Timbuk2 is actually doing something about it. They’ve taken action by partnering with ATC to help San Francisco’s homeless youth and young adults build outstanding lives. Over 13 years, Timbuk2’s contribution to ATC has impacted thousands of homeless youth and young adults in a profound manner. Learn more about why our partnership with Timbuk2 matters below.

ATC + Timbuk2’s Impact:

  • Motivation for Engagement – Timbuk2 bags provide incentive for homeless youth and young adults to engage with ATC. Clients that we meet for the first time ask, “Are you those people that give out the cool bags?” Timbuk2 bags help break down barriers with youth who are slow to trust, helping us engage with clients for the first time.
  • Portable Security – Timbuk2 bags serve as portable lockers for our clients who live on the streets and need a way to protect and carry their most cherished items.
  • Self Esteem – Owning a high-quality Timbuk2 bag gives our clients a much-needed boost of self esteem, a critical element in our client’s move toward a better future.
  • Support in Job Interviews – Carrying a Timbuk2 bag into a job interview helps our clients feel prepared and worthy in what can be very intimidating but important moments of transition.
  • A Feeling of Normalcy & Belonging – Our clients deeply appreciate nice things because they help them feel normal and like they belong. Timbuk2 bags serve as a badge and reminder to our clients that they deserve an outstanding life.
  • Relationship Building – Giving Timbuk2 bags to our clients illustrates the way that we value and appreciate them that can otherwise be difficult to communicate, which makes them want to work with us. Once we build a relationship with these youth, that is when we can help them move beyond the streets and build outstanding lives.

Total Contribution

  • Total # of Timbuk2 bags donated to ATC: 4,500
  • # Timbuk2 bags received/year: 400
  • # of ATC clients/year supported via Timbuk2 partnership: 200


Learn more about Timbuk2’s amazing bag recycling program here.

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