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In-Kind Gifts
In-Kind donations are absolutely essential to At The Crossroads! For every dollar that we spend on supplies for our clients, we give away $10 worth of items that have been donated to us or purchased at a significant discount. Clothing from Old Navy, Levi’s, and Exact-Science. Bike messenger bags and backpacks from Timbuk2. Hygiene items collected by Union Bank. The list goes on. In some cases, these product donations allow us to spend money on things that can’t be donated, like ID for our clients or meals at local restaurants. In other cases, we would not have the item at all if it were not donated.

The first impression that we make on our clients is through the supplies that we give them. When we can offer them fun, high-quality items, it sends the message that we value them, that we think they deserve the best, and that we want them to be happy. This sets the stage for them trusting us, and opening themselves up to our support. You cannot put a price on how important this is. If you are interested in making an in-kind contribution, please contact Rob Gitin at

Commemorative Gifts
Your commemorative gifts to At The Crossroads recognize the importance of significant people in your life. Your gift creates a lasting tribute to friends and loved ones by helping to improve the lives of San Francisco’s youth. At The Crossroads will acknowledge your gift to the person you ask us to notify, and will also be acknowledged in our newsletter. If you would like to make a commemorative gift, please contact Rob Gitin at

Planned Gifts
When you name At The Crossroads in your will, you are making a permanent contribution to helping improve the lives of San Francisco’s youth. Your will is your opportunity to ensure that the things you believed in and worked for in your lifetime are realized – even after you are gone. To learn more about making a contribution of a planned gift, please contact Rob Gitin at

Stock Gifts
Thank you for considering making a stock gift to the At The Crossroads. Gifts of securities are fully tax-deductible at their market value at the time of your contribution. To make a gift of stock to At The Crossroads, please contact

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