How Your Money Works

At The Crossroads needs your support in order to continue helping young homeless people change their lives. Our ability to grow and improve will happen because individuals like you decide that they want to make a difference.

More than 70 percent of the money we raise goes to paying the salaries and benefits of our amazing staff; we are able to keep our other costs down through hundreds of thousands of dollars of in-kind donations. We are only as good as the people who work for us, and your money will make it possible to retain the great people who work for At The Crossroads and attract new ones.

Your money will also go to paying for the essential items we provide for our clients. It pays for meals we buy them during our counseling meetings; a clean pair of socks to put on after a rainy day; clothing to wear to a job interview; ID so that they can get into housing programs; and fun things like birthday gifts, because everyone deserves more than the bare essentials.

Most importantly, your support will help young people transform their lives. We do not judge our work by how many clients we see, but by how much we help them. We don’t focus on short-term outcomes, but long-term change. We don’t tell clients what to do with their lives, instead we help them figure out who they want to become. We don’t help our clients merely survive; we help them thrive! When you make a donation, you give the young people we reach the opportunity to build outstanding lives!

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