How We Work

We work to reach underserved homeless youth and young adults – people in their teens and twenties – through a combination of counseling-based nighttime street outreach, one-on-one counseling meetings, and collaboration with other social service agencies and city government. Our counselors walk some of the city’s toughest streets to distribute food, healthcare products, and clothes, slowly developing healthy, trusting relationships. These relationships form the basis of our ongoing work with our clients.

Through one-on-one counseling meetings at a safe place of the young person’s choosing, we work with clients to tackle their immediate issues, identify both short and long-term goals, and develop concrete plans to achieve them. These goals might include getting off of the streets, pursuing their passions, making new friends, or finding meaningful employment. Most importantly, we help our clients figure out how make healthy decisions for themselves, empowering them to lead the lives that they want.

As our clients begin to move forward in their lives, we recognize the importance of helping youth connect with other social service agencies that can help them reach their goals. We work with a broad network of more than 60 agencies, including health centers and employment, drug rehabilitation, and housing programs. When appropriate, we refer clients to an agency that fits their needs while maintaining our relationship with them to ensure the continuity of our care and support. We also advocate for the improvement and creation of new services with city government, local philanthropists, and grassroots coalitions.

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