“That’s what I do this for.”
ATC Client for 5 years
Amati (right) with his counselor Demaree (left).

Amati talks about his many amazing projects and explains who he does it all for.

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Demaree: Do you want to describe something or someone that brings you joy?

Amati: Man, my kids. Period. That's who brings me joy. Every day. That's what I do this for. I'm talking about all of them. My real ones and my 24 fosters.

Both: [Laughter]

Demaree: That’s what’s up man.

Amati: Biologically, my oldest is nine, my youngest is seven. I have two of them that passed away. Other than that, two nine year olds, seven year old. Two girls, one boy. Happy with that.

Demaree: You want any more?

Amati: Yeah. Definitely. If it was up to me, I'd have a basketball team, myself. [Laughter] No, I'm serious. Y'all laughing, but I'm really serious.

Well, with my kids, you know, we—basketball. Cheerleading. Football. Whatever. I do whatever they want to do. I've pretty much got them every other weekend. My daughter just was actually living with me full time, but I just moved and stuff, and she went back to her mom’s. Her mom actually got her another apartment and got back stable, on her feet.

I had my daughter for like two years. So, it’s like, I'm glad she got her back on her feet and stuff, it's just I be bored now. 'Cause I was used to 7:45 drop off, 1:30 pick up. [Laughs] Now, it's ... I have time, now. It's like, a little different there. But I get them every weekend. Normally we're doing something. Whether it's something recreational or they're coming with me to my basketball games. We're doing something.