At The Crossroads recognizes the importance of helping youth connect with other social service agencies that can help them achieve their goals. That’s why we work with a broad network of collaborating agencies, including health centers and employment, drug rehabilitation, and housing programs, that can provide opportunities for our clients to realize their dreams.

Through our network, we refer our clients to services that fit their individual needs and personalities. And we don’t just write down a name and address for them. The hardest-to-reach street youth often need to feel safe as they reach out to new resources, as well as develop their own sense of self-worth before they feel ready to put in the energy and time required to access services. That’s why we work with our clients to prepare them for what it will feel like to try to get support; if they wish, we will accompany them to their appointments and help them with any required paperwork. We continue to work with these agencies in order to ensure our clients receive the support they need to reach their goals, providing them with any training and technical assistance that could help improve their work with homeless youth.

Along with helping our clients understand the services that are available to them, At The Crossroads advocates for the improvement of these services and the creation of new ones that will ensure the needs of San Francisco street youth are met efficiently and respectfully. We work with local government, community-based and philanthropic organizations to close the gaps that exist in the continuum of support for all homeless youth in San Francisco.

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