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About At The Crossroads

Top ten things you need to know about ATC:

  1. Our support is truly unconditional. In 19 years, we have never kicked a client out of our program.
  2. Our focus is on helping homeless youth build outstanding lives, not just lives of subsistence. We feel our clients deserve the same things in life that everyone strives for, not just a roof over their head and a low-paying job.
  3. We once successfully got a client on the Ricki Lake show. He rocked.
  4. We have reached more than 7,500 youth since we started.
  5. For every dollar we spend on supplies, we get ten dollars of supplies donated. We know how to stretch a buck.
  6. In August 2007, we looked at what our closest clients were accomplishing in their lives, and found that 74% of them had gotten into stable housing since we had met them. We looked at those same clients again in November 2009, and found that 94% were now in stable housing. This is why our clients are awesome.
  7. Our four core values are: Respecting individuality, supporting empowerment, making services as accessible as possible, and prioritizing our clients needs comes first. These are values we never bend or compromise.
  8. We used to have a staff video of us dancing to the JJ Fad song “Supersonic” on You Tube, but it has mysteriously disappeared.
  9. 100% of our support is private. We have never taken government money. So that means we need your money (or your friends’ money).
  10. We have the coolest staff, board, and volunteers ever. Seriously, the people involved with ATC are incredible. You should become one of them.

Click here to check out our website and watch our fantastic 15-minute documentary, made by award-winning filmmaker Monica Lam. It takes you inside the world of our clients and staff.

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