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For people interested in Summer SunDay: Hike for Homeless Youth

Do I have to fundraise?

Yes! The purpose of this hike is to raise money to support our work with homeless youth. But we've tried to make the fundraising as painless as possible; it won't hurt, we promise! And if you really don't want to fundraise, you can make a donation to your own hike. The minimum amount to donate in lieu of fundraising is $250. For more information on fundraising expectations and why we set a minimum donation, click here.

How much time does it take to do the fundraising?

Depends on which option you choose, and how much time you’d like to spend!
  • If you choose automated sponsorship emails, it will take about 30 minutes, but the great part is that once you have signed up and uploaded your contacts, you will be all done. The website will take care of the rest.
  • If you choose to send out emails manually, it will take about 30 minutes for the first email, and about five minutes for the second and third emails
  • If you choose to donate to your own hike, the whole signup and donate process will take about 5 minutes. The minimum donation required to donate in lieu of fundraising is $250.

The basic expectation is to send 3 emails, or donate to your own hike. Many of our most successful fundraising hikers have additionally used Social Media and other strategies to spread their message even wider, and we encourage you to do so! The amount of time you’d like to spend on this is totally up to you! Check out our Fundraising Tips and Tricks page for more information.

When does the hike take place?

The hike will take place on July 16, but you can sign up any time between now and July 7. You can start the hike anytime between 8 AM and 10 AM, and it will take four to five hours, including breaks.

Where can I find more information, including all logistics, of the hike?

Click here to see all of the details

Can I bring my kids along?

Absolutely. We’ll have a shorter family-friendly loop that is fun and accessible for all ages!

My donors want to join the hike to support me, can they come without fundraising themselves?

Unfortunately we have limited space on the hike. Last year over 1,500 donors made contributions, and we can’t fit any where near that number on the trail and in the picnic area. If a donor would like to attend, they would need to sign up and either fundraise by sending out emails or by making an additional $250 minimum donation to their own hike.

I don’t have a car. How do I get there?

If you can’t get there on your own, we’ll provide free transportation for you. Just email, let us know how many people require transportation, and we’ll fill you in on the details. We have limited spots, so please let the coordinators know as soon as possible.

What if I can’t hike eight miles? Can I still join?

Absolutely! You are free to hike for as long as you’d like, and we’ll also have a 3-mile loop for those who want to do a shorter hike. We just want you to have fun!

Do I need to bring anything?

Yes, but not a lot. Click here for more information

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, but it is sliding scale, so if it’s too rich for your blood, we’ll waive it or reduce it. Just let us know. It is $20, free for kids under 18.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes, 100%. Our tax ID # is 27-2603924

What do I do if I have any questions?

Contact a hike coordinator

You can also call at (415) 487-0691 ext. 124.

For people who have already signed up

If I am having any problems with the website, emails, or anything else, whom do I contact?

Call a hike coordinator: (415) 487-0691 ext. 124.

I am trying to join a team but the team isn’t listed yet, what do I do?

You have to wait for the team leader to create the team page before you can sign up to be part of the team. Bug that person until they do it!

When people donate, do I need to do anything?

Credit card donations will be automatically posted to your site, and you will receive an automated email when they come in. Check donations will be posted to your site by ATC, and we will email you. Everyone will get a thank you note from us. Beyond that, thank people in any way you see fit!

How do I use social networking tools like Facebook or Twitter to promote my campaign?

Click here for some ideas.