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The streets of San Francisco are home to many people who do not access traditional services designed to help those experiencing homelessness.

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Our Support is Unconditional.

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Since we began in 1998, we have never kicked a client out of our program. We understand other programs may need to maintain stricter guidelines for accessing services, and that they will sometimes need to let clients go. That’s where we come in. There is nothing our clients can do that will make us think that they are beyond help. We don't set time limits on our work or require clients to act a certain way, and we don't stop working with someone if they transition off the streets. By offering consistent, long-term support, we cultivate trusting and in-depth counseling relationships with our clients.

"Homelessness is so many things when you think about it. It’s regular people that do everyday, regular things, and you wouldn’t be able to tell they’re homeless. Some people have full-time jobs and are still homeless. I feel like that word is kinda overrated sometimes, but outreach breaks that barrier."
ATC client for 9 years

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Our funding doesn't change the way we work. Over two decades of experience has taught us that when young people identify their own goals at their own pace, they are much more likely to accomplish and sustain them. We collaborate with funders who understand that we don't approach our clients with a pre-determined agenda for "success." Instead, we help each of our clients find their own unique path to health and stability. Our organization is in good financial health—but don't just take our word for it. You can look through our financial history of the last few years.