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At The Crossroads was granted a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a new home for our clients, staff, and community for decades to come.

We raised over $4 million to build a new office specifically designed to enhance our work with homeless youth and young adults in San Francisco.

Thanks to the incredible generosity and support from our community, At The Crossroads has been able to build an office that will be a home-base for our youth and our expanding program for the long term!

In 2015, we learned that we were losing the lease on our space in the Mission—ATC’s home since 1998—due to the sale of the building. While the news was upsetting at first, the upheaval created an opportunity to strengthen our organization.

Soon after, we joined San Francisco’s Nonprofit Displacement Mitigation Program. In a competitive process that included over 20 interested nonprofits, the city chose to award ATC with the office space at 167 Jessie Street in the heart of downtown San Francisco!

Our new office will enable us to significantly expand our outreach and counseling programs to help our clients build healthier, happier lives. With our Building Home capital and growth campaign, ATC will dramatically strengthen our ability to provide a sense of home for San Francisco’s most disconnected homeless youth and young adults

We Reached Our Goal!

“Home is where I get back and there’s people who worried about me all day and are interested in hearing what the hell I did with my day. If I had a home, I’d stay home, stay out of trouble.”
Past ATC client for 12 years

Here’s why the opportunity to build a new home at 167 Jessie Street has been a game-changer for our organization

  • At 5,000+ square feet, it’s more than double our old space, which gives us room to grow
  • There’s no rent. We’ll pay CAM charges and taxes, which is only 15% of the market rate
  • With an 84-year lease, we are likely to be in the space for decades
  • The vast majority of our clients are in the Tenderloin area, so this location will be easily accessible
  • Our space is specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients and staff


There’s been a steadily growing demand for our services, thanks in large part to our consistent presence on the streets over the past two decades. Right now, we simply can’t keep up with the requests for our in-depth support. This cannot continue. As we move into our new space and make new hires over the next three years, we’ll be able to say “yes” to all the young people who are seeking our support. We will expand:

  • Our counseling support
  • Our work with incarcerated clients
  • Our capacity to help youth in crisis
  • The amount of food, clothing, and other basic necessities that we provide

Our New Home

Commitee Chairs

Catherine Covington
Catherine Covington
Loren Taylor


May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust
Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development


John Crary & Barbara Whiteside Crary
Five Bridges Foundation
Priscilla & Keith Geeslin
Connie & Bob Lurie
Mortar Foundation
Cynthia Nadai
Ray & Dagmar Dolby Family Fund
Dan Stone & Ellie Carmody


Scott & Evette Ferguson
Morris Stulsaft Foundation
Rabaut Family Foundation
Mark Slee
Stupski Foundation


Bothin Foundation
Scott & Ellen Hand
Hellman Foundation
John Osterweis
Mark & Chloe Sugarman
Violet World Foundation


Anonymous (multiple)
Jane Andrew & Arun Bhalla
Bamford Foundation
Marie Bourget
Catherine Covington & Paul Supawanich
Anna & Todd Enders
Tamara Galanter
Anne Germanacos
Mitch Gitin
Alex Goor
Mr. & Mrs. George Jewett III
Emily Lam & Christopher Hamby
Avner Lapovsky
Sherman Leong
The Otters
Dave & Dakota Piazza
AnneMarie Spizuoco & Clive Heal
Mandy Stewart
Loren & Erica Taylor
Gene & Sue Valla
Marc & Megara Vogl
Nick Walsh & Jess Mega
Jeanine Walters
Darcy Wheeles & Chris McCaslin


Altria Client Services
Laurie Bernstein & Jamal Boulahbab
Nadinne Cruz & Larry Ulrich
Chris Donahue & Christine Fox
Lisa Feldstein & Max Drukman
Jeffrey Mayer & Tacy Witter
Carter & Stephanie McClelland
Taj Mustapha & Chris Lundstrom
The O’Reilly Foundation
Diane Parish & Paul Gelburd
Mark & Kate Shaw
Dale & Carol Stewart
The Green Cross
L.E. & Josh Wolovits
Ed Yu


Anonymous (multiple)
Rehana Abbas & Timothy Ogburn
Danny Baldonado
Ann Hughes & Sam Ball
The Belmonte Foundation
The Bernstein Family
Chris Broesamle
Al & Susan Camarillo
Erin Chalmers
Debby Chang & Andrew Sakai
Lynn Charles
Kakul Chaudhry
Ben & Jean Covington
Don & Pat Dagenais
Kristen & Jeff Daniel
Amy Davidson & Will Luo
Patrick Dunnam
Lisa Etling
Barbara & Bill Everdell
Chris & Ann Marie Everdell
Ravi Faiia
The Fee Family
Simon Fell
Glenn Fernandes
David Fleishhacker
Philena Franc
Abigail & Ryan Frederick
Rob Gitin & Jocelyn Everroad
Michael Hersher
Mike & Anne Hochberg
Vanessa Homewood
Gary Hughes
Leslie & George Hume
Joel Isaacson
Kathleen & Ted Janus
Pete & Danielle Jensen
Jesse Johnson
Meredith Johnson
Genevieve L’Heureux & Timothy Getz
Andrea Leszek & Ali Shamsi
Wennie Liao
Dr. Richard & Jane Linderman
Sara Linderman
The Londons
Jenny Lyell
Juslyn Manalo
Steph Mann
Nancy Mao
Jan Masaoka
Cary McClelland & Lisa Bozman
Jenn & Adam McDonough
Adam & Deborah Miller
Gene & Judy Miller
Bansi Nagii
Tim & Barbara Pennington
Rich Peterson
The Sanchez Noonan Family
Doniece Sandoval & Sadik Huseny
Jackie Schmidt-Posner & Barry Posner
Seth Socolow & Helena Zaludova
Jessica Standiford
John Stassen
Katrina & Micah Steffek
Cianna Stewart
Gwynne Stoddart
Dr. & Mrs. Somchai Supawanich
Margarita Vallin & Jeremy Weinstein
Veritas Investments, Inc.
Bonnie & Daniel Walton
Pete Warden & Joanne Ladolcetta
Whitney Wineroth & Will Reisman

Joel & Kate Wineroth
Lisa & Frank Wohl
Molly Wood & Dagny Maidman
Jeremy Wood


Anonymous (multiple)
Johanna Abbinante
Leslie Airola-Murveit & Hy Murveit
Onyinye Alheri
Allison Amend
Mari Amend
Karen Anderson
Gagliardi Arco
Jeanette Atherton
Dan & Heather Atkinson
Nicole & Josh Auerbach
Julien Ball
Leon & Micaela Barrett
Angela Batiste
Gretchen & Sutton Bay
Gary & Janet Beckerman
Justin Bedecarre
Justin Benttinen
Paul & Lisa Berens
Alvin Berk & Judy Brandwein
Nick Bernate
Rick Bianchi
Ynze Bijl
Ann Billington
Gregory Brandes
Gail Brousal & Bill Hogeland
Ruth & Fred Brousseau
Harry Brown
Warren Brown
Matt Bushell
Peter Calveley
Charlie & Paola Casey
Rebecca Cate
Leslie Chan & Philip Haine
Blaire Chaput
Dakota Chase
Katie Cole
Margaret Crandall
Shane Crary-Ross
Kristina De Nike
Moira De Nike
Alison Dills
Yvette Dinkins
Sibyl Diver
Ellyn & Tom Dooley
Hajdeja Ehline
Rebecca Ellner
Jad Finck
Lilia Fulton & Stefan Hura
Jerry George & Christine Wardell
Stacy Gibbons
Bill Glenn & Scott Hafner
Johanna Goldschmid
Kelly Gomez
Christine Greer
Ann Gregory
Roma Guy & Diane Jones
Jamie Herre & Kate Blumberg
Carrie Higgins
Julia Hollinger
Betsy Horan & James Rosberg
Lee & John Hornberger
Saydeah Howard
Mary Howe
Sharm Jackson
Jennifer Johnston
Jane Kim
Kim Klein & Stephanie Roth
Kurt Kober & Abby Kiefer
Betsy Kopstein
Jeff Kositsky
John & Jennifer Kovacevich
Doug & Liza Kunz
Claire Kurmel & Charles Small
Jeanne Laber
Liz Lapina
Justine Lauderback
Melinda LaValle
Lex Leifheit & Dan McKinley
Lisa Levin
Julie Liegl
Bret Lobree & Alexandra Nelson
Lois & Ron London
Scott Lopatin
Heather Lubeck
Tom Lue
Julie Mallozzi
The Marchiel Family
Rachel Marshall
Andrew McClelland & Janet Yu
Tom & Maureen McCracken
Suzann McKaig-Laber
Angela McManus
Brian & Linnell McRee
Jason Menayan
Joszi Meskan
Sloan Miller
Hannah Moriarty
Julie Muer
Luke O’Brien
Grace Oakes & Adam Cornelius
Hilary Packer
Rekha Patel
Kevin Patterson
Marcus Peters
Petit Teton Foundation
Chanthip Phongkhamsavath
Victor Pinho & Amanda Van Hoesen
Molly Pope
Allie Price
Sean Price
Allison Printz
Eddie Ranchigoda
Carolina & Walter Reid
Jacquelyn Reyes
Jennifer Reyes
Maury & Mickey Riad
David Riemer
Terry Rillera
Edna Rivera
Christie Rixford
George Ross
Gail & Naoki Sakai
Molly Sandman
Peggy & Jack Schaps
Sara Schor
Laurel Scotland-Stewart
Rob Shelton & Susan Schaps
Lateefah Simon
Dani & Irene Siroskey
Janine & Dario Spaulding
Scott Staub
Lynn Steinmetz
Kate Stilley
Leo Sugrue
Yvonne Talbott
Diane Tateishi
Bill Thiele
Kim Thompson
Oriana Tiell
Greg & Sara Tucker
Mark Vermeulen
Lisa Walsh & Terry Gaynor
Liz & David Wei
Karen White & Paula Folawn

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