2023 Supporters

Bold indicates donors who have supported us annually for at least five consecutive years.
Italic indicates donors who have supported us annually for at least three consecutive years.
* Donors who gave in honor or memory of another.

  • Anonymous (multiple)

    Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing

    Dodge & Cox

    Five Bridges Foundation

    Hellman Foundation

    Miya Peard and Mike Scagliotti

    Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation

    10129 Foundation


    Architectural Resources Group

    Clare Bruzek

    Lynn Charles

    Catherine Covington and Paul Supawanich

    Philena Franc

    Nathan Hanagami and Erica Chan

    Eleanor, David and Aaron Louis

    Bob and Connie Lurie

    Ethan Malasky and Jill Manthei

    Jeffrey Mayer and Tacy Witter

    John Odell

    Andrew Rothman

    Elene Terry

    Sean Baker

    Erin Chalmers

    Roberta Etcheverry

    CeeCee Fairley

    Molly and Jock Hooper

    Karen McFee

    Yield Giving Open Call

    Jacquelyn Reyes

    Darren Allaway and Lisa Watley

    Marianna Aue & Cara Jobson

    Carol Badran

    Debbie Bard

    Karen Cabrera

    Sinead Carey

    Jim and Martha Sue Coursey

    Glenn Fernandes

    The Otters

    Caroline Hollis

    Deep Jawa

    Julia and Rich Koeneke

    Bruce Osterweil and Patricia Furlong

    Erin & Dave Sobota

    Lydia Wagner

    Ricardo Antonio

    John Bluedorn

    Jeanne Boyd

    Danielle Bradford

    Rebecca Cate

    Charles Crandon

    Caroline Doyle

    Morgan Duffy

    Julia Flood

    Amanda Flores

    Ann Fucigna

    Angelic Gonzales

    Angela Hayes

    Michael Heuga and Julie Cochrane

    Dorothy Hunt*

    Eric Ico

    Rasika Kumar

    Kathy La

    Steph Mann

    Louis Morin

    Tamton Mustapha

    Christine Preziosi

    Pradeep Rajkumar Sankara Moorthy

    Dean Schaffer

    Matthew Silver

    Gonzalo Solis

    Lynn Steinmetz

    Yvonne Talbott

    Diane Tate

    Lucia Whitman

    Cedric and Amy Wiesner


  • Anaite

    Patricia Appelquist

    Catherine Art

    Peter Ceccotti

    Jayna Dickens

    Megan Emme

    Cait & John Evans

    Hannah Griffiths

    Sophie Huddart

    Joi Jackson-Morgan

    Celeste Linhares

    Jenna Mellor

    Chelsea Micinski

    Mumtaz Mustpha

    Daniel Nally

    Michael Nally

    Grace Oakes

    Sojung Park

    Matthew Quigley

    Ian Spraggs

    Carol Zielke

    *Donations made in honor or memory of the following:

    Linda Groh

    Sofia Leung

    Newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Broussard (formally, Jacquelyn Reyes, ATC Volunteer)

    Amanda Wynd

    BKE FC


    Chass Seymour

    In Memory of Jack Aroo Fineman

    In Memory of James L. Hunt

    Individual In-Kind Donors

    Anonymous (multiple)


    Miriam Grace

    Eden Schwartz

    Jeanine Walters

    Kate Shaw

    Leslie Kleinberg

    Lucia Whitman

    Sandy Lynchv


    John Odell

    Sophie Huddart

    Joni Okamoto

    Megan Emme

    Delaney Kumer

    Jacquelyn Reyes

    Sherry Karlsson

    Dr. Morris Houck

    Belinda Wong

    Natasha Marston-Sy

    Eric D. Stevenson

    Rae Lynn Zachary

    Julianna Echeverria

    Nicole Zanghi

    Christopher Carey

    Dawn Castellanos (Ells C, 2008 girls Surf Team)

    Corinne Halada

    Cecilia Fairley

    Charlotte Heckard

    Dr. Morris Houck

    Corporate In-Kind Donors


    Analysis Group



    Packet Fusion


    Farella, Braun & Martell



    Swiss Re


    Nonprofit and Other Group In-Kind Donors

    Center for Harm Reduction Therapy

    Condom Distribution Program, SFDPH

    Simply The Basics

    SF Friends School

    Urban School

    Students in Action

    Children’s Day School

    Congregation Etz Chayim

    Urban Angels

    Danville Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

    Discounted Good Providers

    SF-Marin Food Bank


    Donations and Volunteer Hours Were Matched by the Following

    Apple Matching Gifts Program


    Google, Inc.

    Intel Corporation



    Google, Inc.

    Intel Corporation

    Credit Karma


    International Monetary Fund

    Thermofisher Scientific

    United Health Group



    Wells Fargo

    Nerd Wallet