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  • Mary: I remember the first time, when Rob had come up for the idea for “I Think I Can,” and I was very stuck in my rut, and I said, “Oh really? Maybe I could just give a donation instead.” And then I went home and I said to myself, “Come on Mary, you can try this.” And I had a ball with it!
  • Oh yeah, one was, I was working really hard at the time but I thought, “I can at least go around the block everyday.” And so that was one of them.
  • I loved it because it was very personal. You could make it as difficult and challenging or as easy as you wanted to. People would say, “I’m going to learn how to cook paella,” or in my case, “I’m going to get healthier by at least walking around the block.” People saw the humor in it and appreciated the purpose of it and would sign on, with notes of congratulation or support of the task. That was a great thing.
  • He linked it to the purpose of ATC. So just as the clients were taking their steps at their own rate so were we in the fundraising process.