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  • Angelo: Which is another topic that would be fun to talk about. ‘Cause I don’t know if you’ve done it, but I’ve done the I Think I Can Campaign? Which I don’t know when that one started, but I remember the first year I did two I Think I Can Campaigns, and one of the them—the first one I did, I think—was probably the dumbest one I did which was: I agreed to run a marathon.
  • Angelo and Abby: [Laughter]
  • Angelo: So I raised money and I spent the entire year like training for the marathon and then I actually raised a great amount of money which was super awesome—that people donated. And then I ran the San Francisco Marathon, which was really cool ‘cause, you know, my wife was there to support me and a bunch of my friends but then like ATC’s staff was there at the marathon at the finish line, like, with signs and everything. And my wife made all these t-shirts that are like “Run, Angelo, run!” and they were all wearing it. And I have pictures…so it’s like, you know, that’s the side—outside of outreach, outside of the work—that is just that people are so supportive of each other out here.
  • And then the second time I did it, I was much smarter and decided on a much easier task which was just growing my hair out. I grew my hair out and every time somebody would donate I would let my hair grow longer and longer and longer with the end-goal of then cutting it all off and donating my hair, which was, you know, much easier than running marathon. [Laugher]
  • Abby: Angelo – you’re a superstar. Gosh darn. [Laughter] You really are.
  • Angelo: But yeah, if you ever do an I Think I Can Campaign, don’t do a marathon. Unless you really want to. But it’s painful.