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  • Jenn: I was always outreach partners with Rob and we’d go out in the mission and I remember that our general route was that we would walk up to the corner—we would walk up to, walk up 16th Street to that … You know that strip where it’s all restaurants? There were tons of homeless people, homeless kids hanging out up there. And then we’d head back down to Mission. We’d walk up Mission to 20th Street—or maybe that’s called down Mission. I don’t know. I have a terrible sense of direction—take left on 20th Street and walk down to Capp usually and walk back up Capp to 16th Street and back up.
  • And then sometimes we’d do that loop twice. Like, I got to know Rob really really well. He’s a very dear friend of mine because we had—there were many nights where it was really slow. I mean sometimes we’d see 30, 40 maybe one night we saw close to 50 kids, but usually it was 10 to 20 and then there were nights where it was just—you’d see a whole bunch of kids in one area and then you’d walk several blocks and see nobody and then see a couple more and then see nobody.
  • So we had all this time to talk and we just talked about all kinds of things. We just joked around and told each other all about our lives. I felt like—it was funny because my now husband, boyfriend at the time, as I mentioned he worked nine to five, so I would only see him on Wednesday nights and on the weekend. And I spent four nights a week talking to Rob, so Rob knew me way better than my boyfriend did. And we just had a lot more time together to chat, which was great.