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  • Rob: So you were mentioning, before the interview started, your 40-year-old plan. And I’m fascinated, I’d love to hear it.
  • Julia: I want to be able to feel like I’m—There’s this native proverb that says that to heal yourself is to heal seven generations back and seven generations forward. Everything that I want to do I want to be very intentional about what is to come and what has been. And so, I just want to be in a good place for that in my life. I also want to have a partner and I want to be happy and I want a family too. Maybe eventually maybe another child. Not really planning on it too soon, but …
  • Rob: One last thing I want to ask you, because it’s something you’ve talked to me about before and it’s always interesting, is how you feel you carry your experience as a client with ATC from when you were into your current work.
  • Julia: Yeah. I think that one of the things I really push with everybody is I know that we did it a certain way in our lives and I know that maybe it worked out really well, or this was a really great way to do something, but also being able to let people kind of explore what works for them. I think that’s a value that I definitely bring from ATC into the work I do now.
  • Definitely the model of your guys’ outreach is really awesome of just meeting people where they’re at. I like that. I think there’s a lot of pieces that I pretty much bring.
  • Rob: Well I hope you know that it’s a mutual thing. We are shaped by you. We are shaped by all of the people that we work with and our organization is constantly changing and evolving.